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on the rotation of Earth - Morpheus v.0.2

AINL-ISMW FRUCT conference, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2015

poster, so short:

the Earth moves around the Sun, ok. But if you a reading a text written before Nicolaus Copernicus you MUST forget about it. If you start reading an ancient text with modern knowledge in your background, you will lose any hope of understanding the text.

but when planning process of developing modern software for reading and understanding ancient author, we MUST consider the concepts and theories of the ancient author as well.

rather imperfect and hand-made attempt of authentic interpretation can be seen in a simple morphological analizer for Sanskrit - Morpheus v.2.0


  • - only free, open source software. Reading and understanding of an ancient author is not a scientific task - so we have no hope on scientific institutions - they can do the job perfectly, but they are doing investigations, not understanding. And we have no hope on corporations - they can do the job perfectly, but they will not open their codes never, of course. So their software will be uncompatible with each other. But open source community can do the job as well, for any language and any author from any epoch and any culture.
  • - only node.js + CouchDB. It is convenient, node.js (JS) on a server, JS in a browser and JS inside CouchDB. The same module can work, and works ok in all three environments at the same time.
  • - JSON instead of XML, because any data in a field of a language have tree-structure. So, CouchDB.
  • - no XML, no RDF, no Microsoft, no SQL, no Oracle, no Java, no jQuery, no other creepy monsters.
  • - simple small modules - one task - one module, which makes its only one task, but doing it well.
  • - test everything from alpha to omega. Most of all I miss a large, huge set of the tests.